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2011 December: Making Creamed Honey:  Bob demonstrates how to make creamed honey


  • Mixing container i.e. 5 gallon bucket


  • Power drill with mixing attachment





  • Honey - Non-crystalized


  • Seed Honey - Fine grain granulation


  • Flavorings - Optional (Cinnamon, Lemon etc)





  • Mix seed honey into honey at a ratio of 1 lb of seed honey to 10 lbs of honey


  • Optional - add flavorings like cinnamon at a ration of 1/8 cup of cinnamon to 10 lbs of honey


  • Mix until evenly mixed


  • Let sit one day then remix


  • Bottle


  • Let sit in cool area for 7-14 days.





  • Honey granulates the best at about 57 degrees F.


  • Use at least one plastic bottle to know when the creamed honey is ready.  The bottle can be squeezed to see if it has setup.

A video of the observation hive in 2019 at Seven Ponds. We were able to catch the queen in action laying eggs. 

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