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2011 November: Making Mead:  Doug and Karen demonstrated how to make mead.



  • Mixing container and fermenter (Size depends on batch sizes - Doug's and Karen's holds over 15 gallons)


  • Gallon Carboy - Glass is recommended - It won't absorb the mead.  (Multiple sizes is needed for racking to minimize the amount of oxygen in the carboy).


  • Drilled Stoppers to Fit Carboy


  • Airlock


  • Hydrometer (Measures sugar content)


  • Bottle Brush


  • No Rinse Sanitizer


  • Corker


  • Bottles & Corks


  • Racking Tube with Anti-sediment Tip


  • 5 ft. Siphon Tubing


  • Bottle Filler with shut off valve





  • Winemaker's Recipe Handbook - Raymond Massaccesi


  • The Art of Making Wine - Stanley F. Anderson


  • Complete Mead Maker - Ken Schram





  • Honey


  • Water


  • Yeast (Wine or Champagne)


  • Peptic Enzyme


  • Yeast Nutrients


  • Campden Tablets (kills unwanted bacteria)


  • Fruits or spices




  • Measure sugar content with hydrometer for starting specific gravity - target 1.090 - if below add honey, if above add water.


  • When hydrometer reading reaches 1.040 (after about a week) siphon to carboy.  Do not siphon sediment.


  • When adding fruits, juice the fruits and put pulp in a cloth bag and toss in fermenter.


  • If fermentation seems to stop, doesn't reach 1.040, it is probably too acidic and chalk should be added.


  • Rack (transfer from one carboy to another) every week or so to remove sediment.  Leave as little air as possible in carboy.


  • Add honey at the end to sweeten to taste.


  • Typical mead alcohol content is 13% by volume.

2013 October: Meeting - Making Mead with the Mead Mamas

If you are interested in Mead Mamas, visit their website  They have a forum with recipes and they can answer your questions about mead.

Listen to the BeerBubba's podcast with the Mead Mamas.

Most of the supplies can be purchased at

   Hopman's Homebrew Supply Store
   4690 W Walton Blvd, Waterford MI 48329
   (248) 674-4677

   Cap n Cork Homebrew Supply Store
   16776 21 Mile Rd Macomb, MI 48044
   (586) 286-5202

Mead Ingredients

  •    5 gallon batch of a Traditional Mead

  •    5 gallons of spring water not distilled water

  •    2 teaspoons Go Ferm yeast energizer

  •    2 teaspoons Fermaid K yeast nutrient

  •    15 -18 pounds of high quality honey

  •    3 packages of dry Lalvin D-47 yeast



  •    6.5 gallon brewing bucket/with lid and airlock

  •    Hydrometer/with well

  •    Thermometer

  •    Need a glass 1 quart casserole to re-hydrate yeast

  •    Long handled stainless steel or food grade plastic spoon

  •    Sanitizer such as Star San or Idophor


Please wash and sanitize the bucket, spoon, airlock and the container that you will rehydrate your yeast in.
It would be helpful to purchase The Complete Meadmaker book by Ken Schramm.  

For the secondary equipment you will need is
Secondary is a five-gallon carboy (choose from plastic or glass) that will allow for airtight, oxygen-free aging of maturing mead and an AutoSiphon for racking eliminates siphoning.
Later after mead has matured bottles, corks, and corker or bottle capper.22

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